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What we do:
SaaS software
We develop web services with the «Software as a Service» financial model, where users get functionality by subscription. We run our own SaaS-services. We can realize your idea and develop a SaaS service for your company.
Complex websites
We develop individual business solutions, integrate with any external systems, optimize your costs for additional services, and ensure data security. We are preparing a site for promotion in social networks and search engines, building sales funnels.

We also help you to write marketing texts.
Personal user accounts
We develop customer personal accounts for you business with built-in function of booking or online payments and customer relations.
E-commerce solutions
We develop online stores with the sale of goods or services, connect payment systems, make lead capture forms, link to a CRM system or write your own, think over all the UX scripts, create an exceptional UI.

Build funnels sales and marketing targeting monitoring and retargeting.
Mobile applications
We develop mobile apps for any mobile platform, for iOS and Android firstly.
Marketing platforms and sales funnels
For any web product, we create an internal marketing platform to monitor leads, customers and payments, build all the necessary funnels and create administrative accounts to control everything. This is an important part of any product that shows the cost-effectiveness of the development process.
Targeting ads and traffic
While promoting our products, we have gained experience with targeted advertising, and then we developed optimization technologies that save time and budget. We develop Lunka.io so that our experience, knowledge, and technologies are available for each company. You you can use the on your own by a subscribing to Lunka or contact Garage Economy team.
Branding, info product
All our products are aesthetic. Our company employs designers who fight for every working pixel every day. Our products are well packaged with an information product, branding, visual images, positioning and we write strong marketing texts for each of them.
Hire us for software development
Benefits of working with the Garage Economy team
Economical efficiency
We create software solutions that increase the company's revenue
The purpose of our work is an improvement. We do not do work for the sake of work and do not create designs for the sake of design, we are looking for things that can be optimized, automated and improved. Proper improvement is necessarily reflected in money. Bad creates a hole in budget, takes time and team energy. Therefore, for every decision that we implement is cost-effectiveness and expediency. This can be measured by increasing attendance, growing user base, increasing the amount of data, increasing sales, expanding services or business.
We think of details and product integrity
We are responsible for the quality
We are responsible for the products that are taken in development and bring them to perfect completion. You get a version without bugs and errors, adapted for all devices and covered with tests. There are no unsolvable tasks for us, any task this is a matter of time, with with us, you will not encounter with a problem with which you not cope. You can view our products and chat with our customers, get recommendations to understand what we do the work that we take on.
We use modern technologies
We use modern technologies stack
We work with the best web development technologies: design in Figma, write a backend with Elixir, frontend with ES6/React, use our own technologies and services that we equip your products with.

Therefore it turns out qualitatively and quickly.

All our products are ready for high loads out of the boxe. By high loads, we mean several thousand simultaneous connections and above.
We work with iterations, let the product live
We work fast and deliver MVP for 2-4 weeks on average
For example, we developed a property search service with a map, parsing objects from CRM for 2.5 months in full and with mobile adaptations, spending 1 200 hours in a team of 6 people. The first working version started by employees and customers was launched 3 weeks after launch.

We start the project quickly, 2-4 weeks after starting work and we stick to our iterative development methodology when on Each stage of the product is ready for 100%.
We know the whole kitchen from the inside
We combine the competencies of the product team and the owners of SaaS business
We are constantly developing our services and we make money on them. Therefore, we know the entire path of the product from the idea to its commercial exploitation. We know how launch a product for 2 weeks for test ideas and how after first success to develop the best software product on the market technically and visually.

We started to develop & develop any product we we use experience and we look at the product in a complex. We analyze the idea, take into account the financial model, and build logic and develop with taking into account future operation and ways of bringing to the market, we provide for scaling the project and teams.

We consider any software as a tool and the future component of your business, which should solve problems and generate income.